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We are manufacturers, stockiest, and exporters of quality food products. In 2018 we started our journey in Kerala. We studied and did research about the food products and the market before investing. Finalizing our studies and research, we found that there's a huge market for Dry fruits, Dehydrated Vegetables, Dehydrated Powders, etc… in Kerala.

As you all know Kerala is rich in different types of Fruits and Vegetables. And we have the best choices for providing you with these kinds of food products.

One of a kind fruit in Kerala is Jackfruit, and we have a range of Jackfruit products. Which are Raw Jackfruit Flour, Jackfruit Pasta, Jackfruit Vermicelli, Jackfruit Chappathi Powder, Jackfruit Upma Powder, Jackfruit Dosa/Idli Powder, Jackfruit Puttu Powder, Jackfruit Chemba Puttu Powder, and Jackfruit Idiyappam Powder. These are under the category of JACK 'O' RICH (Tagline for our Jackfruit Products). The main ingredient of all these products is Raw Jackfruit Flour.

As we mentioned before, the research and studies showed us that the most underrated fruit in Kerala is Jackfruit and it's the state fruit of Kerala. The benefits of having Jackfruit are that you can't count on numbers. There are many of them, you can check it out on Our blog menu.

Like Jackfruit we have other dry fruits products such as Dehydrated Ripened Banana, Pineapple, Papaya, Mango, etc…  The market for dry fruits in India is big and our products stand out by the best quality. Other than fruits, we also have the production of Dehydrated Vegetable products. The vegetables we choose for the process are Onion, Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric, Bitter Gourd, Ivy Gourd, etc…  And finally the Dehydrated Powders, you already read one in the above paragraph. Right ‘the Jackfruit flour/Powder’. The Jackfruit powder falls under the category of Jack ‘O’ Rich. And after Jackfruit powder our focus is on Banana Powder and Arrowroot Powder. The health benefits of Jackfruit made us give priority to Jackfruit Products. 


Our vision for the future is to manufacture more products like Ready to cook Jackfruit products, Frozen food, Pulp of fruits, etc...  Everybody is concerned about the quality of food products. And Quality is the reason why we standstill. We ‘Adens Foods And Beverages’ really glad to serve you with Our premium products.


Thank you.

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